• CORE Risk Services Marks Three Decades of Excellence and Embraces a Promising Future

    October 2023 | Author: James Nunn

    Oldenburg, Indiana, [September, 2023] – CORE Risk Services, Inc. (“CORE”) is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Founded in Ohio in March 1993 by Robert L. Bernens, CORE subsequently incorporated in Indiana later that year, and the company has consistently set high standards in the domain of risk management.

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  • Beware the Bold; Interpreting Defined Terms in Insurance Contracts

    November 2021

    Most policy forms contain defined terms or phrases that have very special and often very specific meanings. Insurers use these terms and phrases to limit the scope of coverage afforded by the policy. These defined terms are easily identified as they are capitalized and in Bold lettering throughout the policy (they can also appear in italics, be underlined, in “quotation marks” or any combination thereof).

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  • Protecting Your Secret Sauce

    July 2021

    Searching for Intellectual Property (IP) coverage can be like looking for your shadow on a cloudy day. It has to be there somewhere. Right?

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  • So They Asked For Additional Insured Status…So What?

    March 2021

    A common ask in the business world is for another party to be ‘named’ as an ‘Additional Insured’ or ‘Loss Payee’ on your insurance program. And they will endlessly hound you for a revised Certificate of Insurance (COI) until it says exactly what they want. The ‘name’ wording is what can get you into trouble and should be eliminated. When Named Insured status is requested, deny it!

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  • Recent Rulings in Favor of COVID-19 Business Interruption Coverage

    December 2020

    This past week we saw a continuation of COVID-19 specific rulings in favor of Business Interruption coverage. In North State Deli, LLC v. Cincinnati Insurance Co., No. 20-CVS-02569, the court rejected the insurer’s argument that “physical loss” requires physical alteration to the property and absent such physical alteration, the policies do not cover “pure economic harm”.

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  • Navigating a ‘Firming’ Insurance Market

    October 2020

    It may not seem true, but the last 20 years have been pretty good for insurance buyers. Insurance premiums were relatively low, and coverage was readily available. Those days where you could simply rely on your broker and carrier relationships are long gone. In a treacherous market, the almighty dollar trumps decade long relationships, golfing buddies and in some cases, your own blood.

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  • Evolving Risks From Remote Working

    August 2020

    When businesses essentially ‘shut down’ and started having employees work from home back in February and March of this year, we did not see much drop-in production. We thought to ourselves, “alright, this isn’t so bad.”

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  • Thoughts on COVID-19

    July 2020 | Author: Robert (Bob) Bernens

    On January 24, we began to advise our clients of the need to review and initiate their pandemic response plans. I worried at the time whether we were jumping the gun, but my gut told me this one was different. We are now 186 days since that first advisory email and I still find myself questioning where we are.

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  • Make Your Values Meaningful

    June 2020

    At the end of 2019, after nearly two decades of a soft market, we started to see a ‘firming’ of the commercial insurance industry. Top that with the issues brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, carriers will continue to raise rates and reduce policy limits in 2020. There are a variety of risk management techniques that a company can address their increasing risk and associated cost.

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  • COVID-19: The Yellow Brick Road is Under Construction

    May 2020 | Author: Patty Furterer

    Currently there is no clear Yellow Brick Road that will allow you to navigate what continues to appear more and more like a trip through Oz.

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