• Evolving Risks From Remote Working

    August 2020 | Author: Robert Whelan

    When businesses essentially ‘shut down’ and started having employees work from home back in February and March of this year, we did not see much drop-in production. We thought to ourselves, “alright, this isn’t so bad.”

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  • Thoughts on COVID-19

    July 2020 | Author: Bob Bernens

    On January 24, we began to advise our clients of the need to review and initiate their pandemic response plans. I worried at the time whether we were jumping the gun, but my gut told me this one was different. We are now 186 days since that first advisory email and I still find myself questioning where we are.

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  • Make Your Values Meaningful

    June 2020 | Author: Robert Whelan

    At the end of 2019, after nearly two decades of a soft market, we started to see a ‘firming’ of the commercial insurance industry. Top that with the issues brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, carriers will continue to raise rates and reduce policy limits in 2020. There are a variety of risk management techniques that a company can address their increasing risk and associated cost.

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  • COVID-19: The Yellow Brick Road is Under Construction

    May 2020 | Authors: Robert Whelan and Patricia A. Furterer

    Currently there is no clear Yellow Brick Road that will allow you to navigate what continues to appear more and more like a trip through Oz.

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