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Benefit from Your Broker Relationships

Broker Selection & RFPs

The relationships that agents and brokers build with their clients represent a special bond. Time and financial resources are invested in building these relationships; we know that most agents and brokers work hard to provide the best services possible. At CORE, our goal is to enhance these relationships. This is why we don’t recommend changing things for the sake of change.

Insurance broker RFPs lead to stronger programs

It is easy for an incumbent agent or broker to become complacent and view the risk in the same manner year after year. This is natural — it’s the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, this is the biggest mistake an incumbent agent or broker can make. If they don’t take a fresh look at their clients each year, a competitor will.

Insurance broker RFPs can force incumbent agents and brokers into taking a fresh look at the program so they can see ways to improve their performance. One of the highest compliments we’ve received at CORE is when two competing brokers each recommended that we be engaged to manage the RFP and broker selection process. Our reputation for honesty and fairness in the evaluation process speaks for itself.

If you haven’t taken the time to go through the broker selection and RFP process in the last five years, you should. CORE can help you ensure the results help you better manage your total cost of risk.