Firefighters in a major industrial fire

Are You Ready for the Unexpected?

Business Resiliency

Is your organization ready to face an emergency situation? Most are not. And that’s understandable — a Business Resiliency plan takes time and money to build correctly.

Organizations often find it difficult to devote precious resources to creating, testing and maintaining an enterprise-wide plan. Or they lack a senior-level business resiliency champion who can influence decision making.

But organizations that succeed in developing and maintaining comprehensive business disaster recovery plans and business continuity plans are more likely to protect their facilities and human life, provide an acceptable level of business continuity that allows operations to resume, and to repair and rebuild affected operations expeditiously.

Prepare for the unpredictable

At CORE, business continuity is the goal of all that we do. As an extension of our contract reviews, risk management audits and claims management, we can help you prepare for unplanned events. So when an emergency happens — whether it be the result of economic threats like cyber attack or natural disasters like an earthquake, flood or pandemic — your organization will be ready to respond.