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Strategies for Risk Avoidance

Risk Management Audits

Knowing that your insurance and risk management program is right for your business empowers a strategic, proactive mindset and minimizes the inefficiencies of operating from a vulnerable and reactive position. CORE Risk Services provides confidential risk management audits that identify strengths and weaknesses, evaluating the effectiveness of your current programs and providing detailed and actionable risk management reports that can be used to determine future risk management goals.

Our risk management audit process

CORE’s consultants work with clients to learn and understand their organization’s operations. We look for opportunities to reduce risk, improve insurance coverage, identify gaps in your insurance, and, if possible, resolve those issues. The goals are to strengthen your risk management programs and to improve your organization’s risk profile.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A review of your risk management programs, risk retention capacity and strategy.
  • A deep-dive into understanding your risk transfer methods, contractual obligations and insurance requirements.
  • A review of your loss prevention programs, loss control, claims management and litigation management process.
  • An insurance policy review.

Risk management audit results

Once the review phase is complete, our consultants will analyze the findings and provide a confidential audit report. This will include a complete assessment of your risk management program, documenting:

  • Your organization’s exposures to loss and the potential economic impact.
  • Recommendations for eliminating or reducing risk to improving your company risk profile.
  • Reviewing your current insurance coverage
  • Opportunities to reduce the total cost of risk.