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Preparation Pays Off

Claims Management

If you have a skilled team ready to hit the ground running when a loss occurs, you can maximize mitigation and expedite the recovery of losses. It’s an effective strategy with substantial benefits — and it’s the foundation of CORE’s claims management approach.

With over 75 years of combined experience in claims management and loss mitigation services, the skillsets of CORE’s consultants range from groundlevel claims adjusting and litigation management, to building claims administration programs for large self-insureds — including the design and management of proprietary databases to aid in claims management and the financial reporting required for the appropriate accrual of losses.

When losses occur, the resulting claims fall into two basic categories:

  • Claims made against the organization based on legal, contractual, and statutory liability.
  • Claims made by the organization against insurance carriers and other parties for the recovery of losses of assets and revenues.

CORE’s consultants establish relationships with the key personnel involved in your claims management program — your internal teams, your insurance agent or broker, insurers and third party claims administrators — to ensure losses are managed with seamless efficiency and to provide continuous improvement so the response process strengthens over time.

Our Team-Based Approach to Minimizing Loss

CORE’s claim management services

Claim Auditing

We provide management oversight and accountability of the claims service providers for the development and disposition of claims, as well as reserving practices.

Cost Controls

CORE can implement procedures for controlling the cost of claim payments and legal defense.

Claims Training

Our consultants will train your key personnel in the investigation and adjustment of losses.

Claims Accounting

We work with accounting departments to set up accounts for claims payments and loss recoveries.

Loss Prevention and Safety Program Support

We provide ongoing claims data and feedback to support the resiliency of safety and loss control programs.

Third Party Claims Administration (TPA)

We can negotiate the selection of a TPA and provide ongoing management and accountability of its activities.

Claims Administration

CORE can develop in-house claims administration programs, including database development and support for financial reporting.

Litigation Management and Support

We’ll work with your legal counsel to provide consultation and support on disputed claims, and help them make the most efficient use of their time.

Loss Recoveries

We can develop and administer programs for the recovery of losses from insurers and negligent third parties.

Bankruptcy Recoveries

We can help you implement claims management and administration programs that address the special needs of debtors in possession.