Patty Furterer

Vice President of CORE Risk Services

As a risk management consultant, I see myself as an advocate for the companies and organizations who rely on me. I thoroughly enjoy helping clients operate and grow safely by raising their awareness of the various risks they may face and working with them to build the right insurance programs to guard against those risks.

After three decades in insurance (14 of them specific to risk management), what I know for sure is that a well-run insurance and risk management program makes the work look easy. In reality, there is a lot of preparation, unseen issues that either have been or need to be addressed, and behind-the-scenes activity and planning that makes it all appear seamless until a problem occurs.

My approach is to immerse myself in my clients’ operations, building relationships, collaborating with departmental leaders and learning as much as I can about every aspect of their business. This deep-dive into their organization is how I help them identify and prioritize risks, as well as support them in the event of a loss or claim — ultimately giving the company’s leadership and key stakeholders the peace of mind that comes with understanding their total cost of risk, so they can move confidently to meet their business goals.

Patty transitioned into her role as Vice President of CORE Risk Services in April 2023.

Into the Great Outdoors

I love getting outdoors, seeing the world and doing anything with my young adult daughters. On a daily basis, my three-year-old Siberian Husky, Annie, keeps me busy walking or hiking. You can also find me gardening (although I won’t claim a green thumb), biking, paddle boarding, kayaking, attempting to golf and, if I must be indoors, reading. When I can, I get together with my friends of 30-plus years for long weekends and travel.

Industry experience

  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing

Regional experience

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • India