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CORE Risk Services Marks Three Decades of Excellence and Embraces a Promising Future

| Author: James Nunn

Oldenburg, Indiana, [September, 2023] – CORE Risk Services, Inc. (“CORE”) is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Founded in Ohio in March 1993 by Robert L. Bernens, CORE subsequently incorporated in Indiana later that year, and the company has consistently set high standards in the domain of risk management.

CORE’s mission has always been holistic: to foster a comprehensive understanding of risk management across a spectrum of business landscapes. This, combined with the commitment to align risk management goals with their clients’ organizational visions, has positioned CORE as a leader in its field.

Having impacted a vast array of industries, from banking and aerospace to non-profits and government, CORE’s breadth of involvement showcases its adaptability and profound expertise. CORE’s strong claims management function provides Third-Party Administration services for a number of clients.

2023 heralded a new chapter for CORE Risk Services with its acquisition by Christopher Moss. Reflecting on this significant milestone, Moss said, “As I stand at this juncture, looking back at CORE’s 30 years and ahead to a future brimming with possibilities, I’m invigorated by the prospect of the next 30 years. Our concentrated efforts on expanding and refining the claims management function will undeniably steer us towards fresh horizons and cement our legacy in risk management.”

Mr. Moss continued, “As we reflect upon 30 years in risk management, we recognize the unwavering importance of our core values – honesty, dignity, collaboration, and communication. These principles have not only guided our strategies but have also empowered us to craft bespoke, meaningful strategies that resonate with our diverse clientele.”

Living by their core values of honesty, dignity, collaboration, and communication, CORE is committed to holistic risk management, safeguarding client assets, providing professional claims management services, and maintaining strong relationships with our clients.

In recognition of the celebration of the past thirty years, CORE will be hosting a reception on Thursday, October 13 in Cincinnati, OH to thank our past and present clients. Patty Furterer, Vice President of CORE Risk Services shared that “we wanted to take a moment to thank our staff – past and present – along with our clients that have enabled our successes over the years. We are looking forward to taking this moment to recognize our partners and clients.”

For a closer look into CORE Risk Services’ and the professional services provided, visit For more information on CORE’s celebration event, please call (812) 933-0656 ext. 204.

About CORE Risk Services:

Founded in 1993, CORE Risk Services’ mission is to promote the understanding of risk management and its applications across all business disciplines. CORE ensures that risk management objectives and programs are aligned with the mission and vision of the customer’s organization. CORE has long been placed at the forefront of risk management innovation, with a rich history rooted in values of honesty, dignity, collaboration, and communication. The company’s acquisition by Christopher Moss in 2023 sets the stage for an exciting evolution.

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Patty Furterer
Vice President of CORE Risk Services